CCTV Maintenance

There are no premises that are invulnerable to criminal activity and that’s why businesses must look to invest in an effective CCTV system.

These networks of cameras can act as a protective measure to guarantee the personal safety of employees and the commercial safety of a building.

Both invaluable to an employer because they ward off potential vandals and thieves. If they try to commit a crime, they will be recorded.

Closed-circuit television security cameras, also called CCTV cameras, can send instant alerts when trouble occurs, ensuring that crime against people or property will be reduced substantially.

If a criminal act does occur, the recording will offer valuable evidence that improves the chance of a conviction.

The best part about CCTV security system technology is that it can be used in both external and internal environments to watch over and protect vehicles, property, technology, and valuables.

That’s a principal reason why CCTV security systems are thought to be one of the most effective methods for both controlling and reducing crime.

What is CCTV maintenance?

CCTV maintenance is a preventive measure to ensure surveillance equipment is operational and is usually performed by security and facility teams to identify damages and defects that avoid expensive repair costs and substandard performance.

You must regularly maintain your CCTV system to reduce the risk of it breaking down and leaving your property vulnerable. Not only that, you may face hefty CCTV repair costs.

CCTV maintenance is performed to achieve three core objectives, including:

Accurate record keeping

Regular maintenance of your system ensures you have a record that can be used to support insurance claims if there is an incident or the system gets damaged.

Ensure all surveillance equipment works

You should perform visual and physical checks to identify operational defects because early detection not only saves time but money as well.

Identifying blind spots

CCTV system setups should change when your focus does. Having regular checks can help you identify the blind spots and points of risk.

How do you maintain a CCTV system?

If you take the time to give your CCTV system a check every few months, you could save yourself a lot of hassle and money.

Keeping the camera lenses clean should be top of your list because it will prevent the build-up of grime or dust, which could hinder the performance of the system.

Also, check for foliage growth because you don’t want it blocking any lenses.

You should also examine the cables for any signs of wear and tear, and don’t forget to survey the power supply to devices and the quality of the images.

We’ve also shared a handy checklist to ensure your CCTV surveillance system is working properly.

Here’s how you can maintain your CCTV system:

Camera lenses

  • Check cameras are securely attached to the wall
  • Trim any foliage obscuring the view
  • Use the controller to check the camera’s functions, like zoom and pan, to ensure they are working properly
  • Check the motion sensors are working
  • Clean any dust or marks from the lens and wipe down the camera using a microfiber cloth
  • Check whether the camera view hasn’t been knocked off the path and you can see the property perimeter properly
  • Check to see if the camera lens is adjusted properly and focused


  • Check you’re getting a clear transmission of sound and picture no distortions
  • Check for loose or exposed wires
  • Check wiring for wear and tear wires

Recording equipment and monitors

  • Check the correct data time and stamp has been set
  • Check the condition of cables, ensuring there are no weak connections
  • Check all the switches and individual components to see if they are functioning properly
  • Check whether the monitors are showing a clear picture, and if the brightness and contrast settings have been adjusted correctly

If you come across any faults or issues during your maintenance check, you should get in touch with your local CCTV expert to get the problem fixed.

How often should CCTV be serviced?

The amount of maintenance your CCTV system requires is dependent on their location and how easily damaged or knocked they are.

However, we recommend looking over your cameras, once a month to make sure they are functioning properly and keeping your property protected.

It’s also a good idea to have a professional CCTV maintenance service check your system annually or every six months.

The CCTV technician can spot, and rectify, developing problems early and will help increase the lifespan of your system.

What is included in a maintenance contract?

Along with your own checks, it is always a good idea to get trained professionals to carry out a comprehensive assessment of your CCTV surveillance systems once a year.

You should also keep a record of any actions you take.

If you think your CCTV security system isn’t performing properly, you should contact a trusted specialist who will administer professional maintenance and offer you advice as well.

Professional CCTV suppliers offer several service and maintenance contracts to their clients to ensure their systems maintain maximum efficiency and performance.

Here’s what may be included in a CCTV maintenance contract:

  • Test remote signalling equipment communications to the Alarm Receiving Centre
  • Check remote signalling equipment physical connections
  • Check control unit for correct operation
  • Check power mains and stand-by battery power supplies
  • Inspect all flexible connections
  • Check the operation of all detection devices
  • Check installation, mounting, and location of all devices and equipment against specification
  • Advice on the latest equipment available to improve the functionality of the installation
  • Advice on the latest data protection and security legislation
  • Offer any necessary basic instruction and training
  • Provide an engineer’s report on the condition of the installation
  • Test all remote video transmission equipment to ensure correct operation
  • Check video data connections between all control equipment
  • Carry out test reviewing of recordings and advise on best practices
  • Adjust video time and data display as required and check equipment settings
  • Clean all video display monitors with anti-static solutions
  • Test all infrared lamps and photocells for correct operation
  • Remove any temporary obstructions
  • Clean all camera lenses and housings
  • Check all mechanical fixtures
  • Testing of external camera housings
  • Testing and re-adjustment of focus and video levels on all cameras
  • Telephone support
  • Replacement unit if problem not fixable on site
  • Emergency calls, data extraction service, and police liaison if required
  • Pre-scheduled preventive maintenance visits

Some CCTV service professionals may also offer extended warranty on parts to give you peace of mind that your system will be covered for years to come.

On-site breakdown support

There are several instances where your CCTV system may experience problems or network issues that require immediate servicing.

When that happens, the CCTV maintenance service will provide emergency on-site breakdown support at the client’s request.

It should be noted this service is only reserved for major problems, such as when the system isn’t connecting to the internet or if there is a power-supply problem.

CCTV technicians will arrive at your location to try and solve the problem as soon as possible.

A comprehensive multi-point inspection will be carried out on every piece of equipment to ensure that the CCTV system is operating safely and effectively.

The technical support team will identify the problem before allocating an electrical or mechanical engineer.

A dedicated parts department will also provide rapid response and the best technical advice to ensure your CCTV system remains operational and services your needs while we fix the original part.

A spare will be installed in place of the damaged component.


CCTV maintenance is an integral part of any organisation’s security strategy and timely, thorough maintenance is the only way you can ensure your CCTV security system is keeping you and your employees safe from intruders, criminals, and vandals.

Most organisations prefer performing CCTV maintenance procedures based on checklists, which allows them to verify all relevant functionality in a traceable and reliable manner.

Most items on the checklist above apply to any organisation and equipment.

However, we encourage you to adapt and improve yours based on the requirements of your organisation and experience.

A CCTV system is a means to an end, and nobody benefits more from its efficiency than you.

However, that doesn’t mean you should do everything yourself because the maintenance of CCTV surveillance system is a time-consuming task, especially if you don’t possess the right tools or expertise.

Our CCTV repair and maintenance service is flexible, reliable and competitive. Depending on your security system and requirements, we will suggest one of our CCTV maintenance packages to best suit your business.

We recommend taking a comprehensive CCTV maintenance schedule to ensure your CCTV system remains in perfect working order and doesn’t fail you when it’s needed the most. Maintenance visits can be scheduled for once or twice a year and generally consist of sustaining the accuracy or your camera and the quality of the pictures you receive. 

If you’re looking for a new CCTV maintenance/repairs contract for your system, contact us for a free, no obligation quotation today. One of our expert CCTV System Consultants will be available to discuss your requirements in more detail