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Guide to CCTV and Intruder Alarms for Business

For any business, protecting its physical assets must be a priority, which is why, in a modern digital age, CCTV and intruder alarms remain business-critical.

Although there is a media focus on the growing threat of cybercrime, many businesses in the UK continue to suffer from burglaries, vandalism and assaults on staff – a recent report says a rise in retail crime is responsible for post-traumatic stress disorder among staff in this sector.

The UK Government’s Commercial Victimisation Survey 2017 has recorded increases in robber across several sectors and ongoing problems with theft and vandalism for many businesses.

Typically, a business’s assets will include inventory, property and equipment, but also its employees.

Protecting these assets means making sure the right physical security and surveillance measures are in place, including intruder alarms and CCTV.

Why CCTV is Crucial

Video surveillance is one of the most effective, established means a business can use to protect its premises.

Fitting cameras strategically allows you to track what is going on at your business when you are not there. 

Here are the key benefits: 

·       Crime prevention – CCTV can help reduce crime because it acts as a deterrent. Often, the presence of notices indicating that CCTV is fitted, are enough to deter would-be criminals or vandals. 

·       Evidence gathering – should you suffer theft or vandalism, CCTV may be able to provide the authorities with crucial evidence, leading to criminal convictions, and the possible recovery of stolen items. 

·       Employee safety – where accidents occur in the workplace, CCTV can reveal what the causes are, and help prevent any recurrence. It can also provide highly valuable analysis for the Health and Safety Executive, should this be necessary. If there is an assault on an employee, CCTV provides a visual record for legal purposes. 

·       Performance monitoring – watching staff at work has sometimes been controversial, but it can be a necessity. It can uncover workplace bullying, for example, or identify training gaps. It is also useful in deterring or detecting employee theft.

Essential Intruder Alarm Protection 

CCTV is one line of defence, intruder alarms are another. 

With theft one of the most common forms of crimes that businesses suffer, protecting the value of stock and equipment is vital. 

An intruder alarm system shares many of the benefits of CCTV, including: 

·       Deterrent value – simply posting a visible notification on your premises of an intruder alarm may be enough to deter thieves and vandals. 

It also offers advanced protection from theft: 

·       If someone does break into your business premises, the intruder alarm will sound. This may stop them in their tracks before they can take anything, or make their window of opportunity significantly narrower. 

·       Advanced intruder alarm systems can connect to a control centre, so not only will anyone close by hearing the alarm, but via sophisticated alarm monitoring, it will notify a control centre, nominated person, or even the police. 

Another benefit of CCTV and intruder alarms is that they may reduce your insurance premiums, and bring this figure down further if you opt for alarm monitoring. 

What matters most, though, is that you have peace of mind about your business’s security, even if you are located in a remote area. 

Modern CCTV and intruder alarms systems are technologically advanced and can be enormously effective in deterring and detecting criminal activity. 

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