Retail Shop Alarms

Retail Shop Alarm and Security System

Every commercial establishment is vulnerable to robberies and vandalism.

However, armed and violent methods of stealing cause less fiscal damage to shops and stores.

For retailers, the seemingly more harmless shoplifting and employee theft are more of a concern.

Every year millions of pounds are lost in retail theft.

Whether you are a big retailer or running a local store, it is a challenge to tackle.

Having attentive staff hired after thorough background checks is a must for every retail store owner, but it is not enough.

A shop alarm enables you to have total control over the security of your business.

What are retail shop security systems?

Before we jump into discussing the installation, maintenance, cost analysis and benefits, it is important to understand what is a retail shop security system.

A retail security system is a way of protecting your goods, your employees and your shop. Although there is no standardised form, IP video surveillance and access control are considered the most essential elements. 

Video surveillance deters petty thieves from shoplifting while loitering in the aisles.

It is important to mention video surveillance can’t eliminate shoplifting altogether.

However, it can be cut down significantly with the help of an IP video surveillance setup overseen by a diligent operator.

On the other hand, an access control system is used to secure those parts of a retail store where owners only want authorised people to enter, such as an inventory room or cash cupboard.

For the out-of-hours safety of a retail establishment, many security systems include burglar alarms that usually work using motion sensors and glass break detectors.

If you want a foolproof safety mechanism for your business, it would be better to choose a business security solution that protects your premises around the clock.

Benefits of a retail security system

Besides reducing shoplifting and employee theft, a state-of-the-art retail security system can offer you a list of long-term benefits.

They include:

  • Establishing a safer work environment

Taking care of your staff is the recipe for a successful and thriving retail business. By installing a security system, you can impart a sense of safety to employees. They deter armed muggers, thus making a shop less vulnerable to robberies. This safety net helps employees do their job with peace of mind. Retail security with surveillance systems also thwarts instances of harassment and assault.

  • Prevention of false injury claims

Fake slip-and-fall claims are another headache for retail store owners. Some employees do it to get a few days off. However, some go on to file a claim for workplace injury compensation. If your store has a security system with good surveillance set up, you can easily reject sham claims.

  • Running consumer analytics

Some security systems come with a state-of-the-art surveillance component. It includes an IP video camera with a built-in AI module.

These ‘intelligent cameras’ usually have a person counting feature.

The data collected through this feature can help you carry out different analyses.

For example, you can tell the difference between weekday and weekend foot traffic at your store.

You can also find out the percentage of visitors who have bought something too.

This information can be useful if you plan to expand in the future.

  • Lower insurance premiums

An effective retail security system makes your shop less vulnerable to theft and robberies, which in turn makes it easier for insurers to offer coverage at reduced rates. There is a significant difference between the insurance premium a store must pay with, rather than without, a functional retail security system.

  • Remote use and scalability

A retail security system that is linked to the internet also lets you take care of your shop from remote locations. IP video cameras, motion sensors and access control panels— all of them are compatible with the Internet of Things. You can see what’s going on in while sitting at home with the help of an online security system. Another advantage of internet connectivity is the increased scalability; it is easier to add a second IP camera to the system.

Installation of a retail shop security system

Buying a retail shop security system is not enough to make the most of its features.

You need professionals to install it so it can exhibit full functional capability.

A professional expert usually takes care of the following points:

  1. Cover the entrance, exit points and sales floor with video surveillance
  2. Install motion and break-in sensors on the doors and windows (if there are any)
  3. Install a camera above the cash register, which is also the place where corrupt employees might try to rip off the business
  4. Install access control panels on the entrance of restricted spaces

If you have a cark park next to your store, then retail shop security system experts would advise you to cover that space too.

Vehicle break-ins and mugging are common in parking lots, and having a camera monitoring that area will help make that space safer for your customers.

Maintenance of a retail shop security system

Many business owners are under the impression that a retail shop security system is a one-time investment.

They assume once the system is installed, it will function on auto-pilot mode and work on its own for the rest of its life.

That is, of course, wrong.

A retail shop security system is the sum of different machines and devices that are prone to faults and malfunctioning.

Therefore, a responsible shop owner needs to schedule timely maintenance visits.

The main objective of those is:

  • A thorough visual inspection of all devices and components
  • A test-run of all components
  • Cleaning and servicing of devices
  • To check and service communication and power links
  • To refresh back-ups, while computer devices that control the security system are checked for malware and other hardware or software issues

It is up to you to decide the frequency of maintenance visits.

Experts usually offer them on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

How much does it cost to install a retail shop security system?

You can put retail security and alarm system in place by spending a few hundred pounds.

On the other hand, depending on the size of the premises and your individual requirements, it could be significantly more to install a state-of-the-art solution.

Cost of hardware installation

If you are in planning to stay at your premises for a long time and don’t plan to move, then you need to have a hardwired installation.

Here, the expertise of an expert comes in useful.

They will hardwire-install the security system while making sure it can offer optimal performance without undergoing extreme wear and tear.

Hardwired security systems generally cost more to install.

However, the money you spend is worth it.

Barring extraordinary circumstances, you shouldn’t need to pay a lot for maintenance and upkeep.

At Optical Fire & Security, we have a very wide range of business security devices manufactured with the most advanced technology, a range conceived to protect your retail property, whatever type it might be, however big or small, throughout Yorkshire.